Kurs „Technology Innovation and Business Convergence“ im Februar

Liebe IIM-Studierende,

im Februar wird von einer Dozentin aus Südkorea ein Kurs „Technology Innovation and Business Convergence“ angeboten, der sowohl Master (G4) als auch Bachelor (Seminar IR) adressiert.

Im LSF ist der Kurs schon angelegt.

Viele Grüße




All organizations have worked with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) whether their involvements in ICT are heavy or not. Some organizations use ICT more efficiently and effectively than others, which can influence their businesses. It is challenging for organizations to utilize ICT efficiently and effectively due to many factors such as the rapid change of IS/IT (Information Systems / Information Technologies), the cultural environments of organizations, and the enormous cost of ICT implementation and maintenance. Thus, it is significant for organizations to consider all these variables in developing or adopting ICT.

For this reason, this course will focus on the developing or adopting stage of ICT. The objective of this course for students is to understand and assess the ICT in an organization’s context with given culture so that they can design and plan more efficient and effective ICT. For this object, the course will cover three areas – i) business convergence based on ICT, ii) ICT innovation, and iii) ICT standards. These three areas seem independent from each other. However, organizations have tried to standardize ICT to maintain systems more efficiently and effectively in the aspects of cost and operation when they design them. Meanwhile, organizations should be technologically innovative to gain competence in cultural environments. Although ICT innovation and standardization sound contradictory, these two aspects can be complementary. Organizations can standardize ICT as a platform to be more innovative. Moreover, organizations should innovative in standardizing ICT to compete against other technologies.

In addition, this course will link many subjects and knowledge that students have gained so far and provide necessary information for them to write a thesis such as finding a subject a student is interested in, searching and reviewing literature, and writing a thesis.

This course is a lot of fun! It covers interesting readings, cases, and lots of interactions during a class. All students will enjoy.

What do students gain through this course?

This course also assists students to develop their capabilities in formulating a research question, conducting research, and writing a thesis-level report that are essential for their thesis projects.

  1. They gain general knowledge about three areas through discussions during classes.

  2. They can be able to formulate a research question through reviewing literature and participating discussions during classes.

  3. They learn how to conduct research including analyzing data through investigating a certain topic.

  4. They will improve their writing capability drastically through writing a report that has book chapter quality.

  5. They achieve how to develop their logics and arguments through discussing and presenting their research.

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